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Mabna Behineh Sazan Niroo (MBN) Company was established as a general contractor in 2007 with the aim of execution local and international infrastructure projects.

The business operations of this group covers a wide range of activities from Oil & Gas (downstream), to Power, Water & Sewage, Civil and Railway sectors.

Our team of dedicated professionals pay full attention to make sure that our services meet world class standards by employing operational excellence strategy throughout the entire company.

Also, this company is able to execute projects on an EPC/F and on a BOT basis.


Mabna Behineh Sazan Niroo (MBN), through its five subsidiaries, aims to maintain effective and systematic participation in global markets by exploiting the capabilities developed in all of the above sectors. Our trade operations have so far expanded from the Commonwealth of Independent States to South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

مبنا بهینه سازان نیرو

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Organization strategy

Mabna Behineh Sazan Niroo (MBN)  Company is a pioneer in employing Operational Excellence business model for executing infrastructure projects for better satisfaction of our clients’ expectations and those of societies at large. To implement this business model, we have re analyzed our supply chain with focus on improving our relationship with suppliers, EPC contractors, the executive arms of MBN, and clients by utilizing our capabilities in executing power (generation, transmission, distribution); water and

sewage projects that are classified as our core businesses. Having revised our supply chain based on operational excellence, we have been able to supply quality and reliable EPC services while employing cutting edge technology at competitive prices as well as to execute and complete projects according to the determined schedule by our clients around the world. Our workforce rest assured that they can meet, through this business model, the goal of MBN that is creating sustainable societies.


  • Treating our customers as our partners
  • Monetizing business opportunities for our suppliers
  • Create added value for our strategic partners by managing business and financial risks
  • Managing the environmental impact of our activities
  • Creating job opportunities through domestic companies


Create sustainable societies through building and improving Civil Infrastructure Systems that is a foundation for sustainable economic growth by meeting our clients’ specified requirements and managing their expectations.


To develop and improve its operations constantly, MBN has been committed to:

  • Considering professional ethics in working environment
  • Employing and retaining competent workforce
  • Improving employee satisfaction 
  • Providing equal opportunities at workplace
  • Managing the environmental impact of our operations
  • Creating job opportunities through local companies
  • Treating our strategic partners and suppliers with respect and equitability

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