Business Lines

Mabna Behineh Sazan Niroo is a leading company(especially in the fields of energy and construction) with the benefit of experienced engineers and specialists, as a grade 1 contractor in the fields of electricity, buildings and structures, facilities and equipment from the Management and Planning Organization. Based on our continuous growth and improvement and years of experience in technical and construction fields, we are ready to provide the following services with the highest quality and commitment to meeting the demands and requirements of customers:

  • Construction of high voltage substations and mobile and modular substations
  • Power transmission and distribution lines
  • Telecommunications and dispatching
  • Development of clean and renewable energy
  • Construction of residential, industrial and non-industrial buildings
  • Design, procurement and construction of metal factories of metal factories
  • Design, procurement and construction of industrial and non-industrial facilities
  • Procurement engineering  and equipment supply
  • Management and construction monitoring
  • Studies of transmission and distribution network

Some of
MBN Business Partners


Implementation of domestic and foreign projects in the form of EPC in the field of construction and development of high voltage substations and power transmission and distribution lines, investigation of electricity losses in production and transmission networks, telecommunications and dispatching, and renewable energy power plants.

Industries and facilities

Design, layout, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of various factories based on new technologies.

Buildings and structures

Implementation of EPC projects in the field of architectural design and modeling (interior and exterior), engineering and mass construction of residential buildings and landscaping with the highest standards as the main indicator and the use of quality materials.

Management and business services

Consulting, project management and supervision of the implementation of various projects, investment and partnership with individuals and legal entities, commercial activities, procurement engineering, supply, export and import.